September 28, 2015

CoSTUME NATIONAL Ladies 2016 SS Fashion Show

CoSTUME NATIONAL released 16SS DONNA Show at Milan Fashion Week on September 24th (Thu).

“The setting of a film noir of today. Low-key lighting. A contrast between light and dark. L’avventura of Antonioni but also of Guadagnino’s. A bigger splash. Women who hide more than they like to show, they have a secret heart. Sensual and chic. A silver glare, a flash of red and the roles reverse”. – Designer Ennio Capasa


As above, in the 16SS DONNA show he expressed the women’s secret heart, contrasting the black items as the darkness and the white items as the light, and additionally putting a silver glare and a red flash. He proposed a simple chic style in monochromatic and a way of making the style more attractive by materials and shapes. You can find a variety of edgy items reconstructed from formal items such as a top reconstructed from a cut jacket similar to a halter-neck top and a jacket with metal parts to connect between the shoulder and sleeves. Please check out those items and wait until the release in our stores!